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    Question 1983 Honda CB750SC Nighthawk Gas Tank Swap

    Hello to all, new to this forum, recently got my hands on a '83 Nighthawk with a '82 DOHC engine in it, and since the bike isn't in the greatest condition I think it would be a perfect opportunity to customize it. First off I want to get rid of the teardrop lookingClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	8350 tank for something a bit....nicer (hope that doesnt offend anyone, just my preference) and I was wondering if there were any gas tanks from the same era that would fit right on without any major modifications, hoping one of the 750 Supersport tanks of the same year can fit on directly.

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    No tank directly interchanges, the mounting points change up on the frames.

    Everybody wants the tank that 'goes right on' except of course it can't be the same one. Why does human nature want that which is different but then they do not want the difference that comes with it? LOL, often the beginning of the end for many, many bikes.

    The tanks also fit the side covers if you have them and no others match those either. The side cover mountings are all over the map. The seat fronts match the tank rears as well in angle.

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