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    Custom seats

    Iím not particularly certain of which ďsub forum categoryĒ this should go in, so I will place it here. Anyhow, through my searching on methods of building custom seats for our bikes, Iíve come across the vast majority using pink foam used in construction to shape the seat. But they never seem to talk about the next step. Do you send your finished foam template to an upholstery shop and tell them I need my final seat to be this size and shape? Or are these guys actually sitting on this incredibly hard foam? My particular bike is getting a hoop and a relatively flat seat although I have to jimmy around the geometry of the supersport frame. So Iím trying to gauge just how to go about getting the seat finished once Iíve developed a foam ďcastĒ of it. Any input here would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to add, that this forum has proven itself to be a great tool for me as the CBís are new to me. So thank you all.

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    Pinterest is a great website for info like that. This website, has very little "Active Members" for today's standard since Facebook has taken over. Just a heads up, save your questions for the really difficult, juicy topics like how to install/remove your camshafts. Besides, DIY cafť racer seat has been googled a trillion times and probably has countless articles/write ups. A little more homework and you can hop on this forum and inform the members here with your hard work/results.

    With that being said, I think the hard part of a custom seat is the pan. The foam/shaping seems straight forward, but just remember, you will have to either upholster the seat yourself or pay a professional to do the stitching. This is why I ditched the idea of a DIY cafť/brat seat. Ultimately you do a ton of work and invest in material, only to take the project so far and pay someone else to finish it. I don't like that idea so I just had a complete seat made, soup to nuts. At the end, I want to be satisfied with the quality.

    At the very least, make the pan, make the foam and go with a pre made seat cover and install it like from the factory with those spikes that pierce the edges as you pull it over the seat tight. That should work, but the foam has to match the cover ahead of time.

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    My bike came with this. I hate it. Went to original

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    I just took the entire seat to a custom upholstery guy and showed him a photo of one close to what I wanted mine to look like. It wasn't cheap but hey, a comfy seat is important to me. Had it done in black velour which I coated with a modest amount of scotch guard.

    Click image for larger version. 

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