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Thread: 1981 CB750 FZ

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    1981 CB750 FZ

    Hi all, does anyone know details on the FZ. My compliance plate states 11/81 CB750 FZ. Research suggests that the fz was manufactured until 1980 and the frame number of RC04-23--- and engine number of RC04E-400 might point it towards a 750F2C. After doing some electrical work i believe the wiring diagram of the 1980 CB750F is closer than the 1981 model. I was thinking it could be an 1980 model which took a year or so to get its Australian compliance plate. But the bike has slotted front brake disk which suggests 1981. Any ideas?

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    A lot of the year model data gets dirtied up by the calling of them different names for different countries like 'Z' and 'F2' and it includes the 900 as well. The electrical should be virtually identical between '79-'82 unless changed up by specific country required things like city lamps or speed lights. It in fact is extremely close even between the various models as well with a few changes. In Japan the early slotted disks may well be normal, not all countries got the same equipment at the same time. We didn't get the 900F in the states for years and when it came it was nowhere near the same bike as the Euro model released earlier.

    Your compliance plate is likely right, the build (disks) verifies it. The front end is likely the wider one as well with 37 mm. forks instead of 35. Does the front fender have the ducktail spoiler on it? '81 and later also had 2.50" wide wheels, up from 2.15" of the '80 model.

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