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    Micro switches and relays

    Hi gang.

    I want to remove the switch blocks on my 76 cb750k and replace with micro switches for a more discreet look.

    With the switches being very small I've heard it would be wise to use relays. But I cannot figure out the wiring. Would both the starter button and the kill/run switch require relays.

    I am aware the horn and flasher swiches will but again I don't understand the wiring.

    Can anyone explain it or have any wiring diagrams.

    The high low switch will be a higher amp switch on the headlight.


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    Here's a graphic I keep hung up near the desk I use for wiring.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you are worried about voltage drop over switches and want to put a relay in place it's important to know if you are switching - or +. ie. most neutral light switches switch negative/ground(-), while something like your head light switches positive (+) off the battery. The picture above is of a standard automotive relay, they are pretty cheap at any auto parts store or even cheaper off eBay. If your picky you can get bosch barnd for better quality. Follow the picture and a little bit of voltage can send full voltage to any component.
    Something I've been putting off till winter is putting a relay across the key switch on my 75 cb750.
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    The amp rating of the switch determines the need for a relay or not.

    Bear in mind most microswitches are NOT waterproof, almost a necessity on a many cases the actual metal parts in the OEM switches are remoted to a certain small extent by plastic dividers and the mounting method and construction in the housing and such to not get water inside easily.

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