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    Hello all I just bought my first bike ever. I got it for cheap because it doesn't run the carbs are off of it and it has sat since 1984, everything looks pretty new as it's sat most it's life. I want to get it running to see what all it really needs. I haven't found the vin tag yet to determine exact year the fellow is getting me the title to it so that'll help as well. What would be a good carb rebuild kit for it? The choke is seized up so I'll need to clean everything very well and get everything loosened up. I'm a mechanic by trade so this shouldn't be an issue it's just sourcing parts from reputable dealers. Also it has spoke chrome wheels, is there any recommended person to send these to to rechrome and tune the wheels.

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    Absolute first test is compression test to make sure you don't have a hole in your piston or a burned valve, the latter being a common problem on these bikes. After that I'm sure more people from the forum will chime in on how to help. It's a DOHC, right?

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