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Thread: Control Issues

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    Cool Control Issues

    Morning All,,

    Greeting and salutations for the New Year to every body may your good times be on two wheels !!
    Its an Ol Mate form down under and have finished another Honda K1 750

    If any one could be kind enough to shed some light on a issue with over all handling
    After a extensive and costly rebuild I finally have the bike on the road and ride it occasionally but would like to get a few more miles up if i could only I could work out the "wobble " problem !!!

    Although its not easy to explain ill give it a shot!

    So it goes like this ///At low speed mostly,, when putting wait on the front bars mostly,,Does not do it under throttle,,Is ok in the corners ,,and this is the annoying part requires correction at low speed but quickly over compensates ,,Does not do it when at low speed when weight is lifted from the from bars mostly,,

    So I am working on the swing arm presently having been informed about 750 swing arm problems
    I have discover a slight wear in the swing arm bushing but in the FRAME which is the concerning point !!

    Im thinking of a shim in this bush

    So please share your thoughts
    as im getting a bit lost in the whole thing


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    Sure your front stem bearing is tight? If still using the ball type bearings you may have wear there and the balls seek to find the wear dents. Tapered bearing needed.

    Sure the rear wheel is spaced to be centered on the front? Alignment issue.

    New front tire? DOHCs were famous for wobble due to even slight front tire wear with lots of tread left.

    Swingarm bolt pinches on the frame solid and spaced to let the arm swing, the hole size in frame not that critical. The arm bushing hole is what needs to be tight. And long bolt where it swings on bushing.

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    Cheers Big Ears

    Thanks for the heads up
    So just to let all the young blokes know that it pays to listen to advise !!!
    So it was the swing arm bolts that had resulted in a control wobble
    Didn't take much to give it a bit more of a pinch and I'm back on a former Super Bike

    Thanks for the help
    Your Mate

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