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    Bad starter or starter motor? Small Video Included

    Hey guys. I'm pretty sure this is my starter clutch that is slipping, but I wanted your opinion. Hopefully this video contains enough audio for an easy answer. It seems to do this more after it's warmed up or been driving for awhile. If it doesn't contain enough info I'm sorry (new to the bike game). Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    The clutch is coming loose, starter motor is fine, it powers up. Check the 3 bolts holding clutch together for loose and then the rollers and springs inside. If the motor oil is for a car it can contribute toward the issue, the newer friction modifiers used in car oil are too slippery and clutch cannot bite down solid.

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    Sounds like a spring holding the roller has weakened or broken. The left engine cover must be removed and you will find your issue there.

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