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    how do i find out my engine size and year

    To start accessing site from my "smart" phone and am unable to do a search....
    My question is i have the vin number that's on my engine but it doesn't match my frame and title vin, curious how to decode number to find out year and cc's
    Engine vin is rc042201113.....
    Thanks for any help,
    Donald Elam

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    That is vin for dohc 750's. Most stuff on here is earlier sohc 750 stuff. The frame number and engine number will never match from the factory as they are built seperatly and at different times. I have done some dohc stuff but not much. What does the frame and title say it is for a year and engine size? Look at the front of the cylinder between the center two exhaust pipes and it will say the cc's.

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