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    '77 CB750A head gasket leak

    Alright, sorry for the multiple posts at one time, but you guys have been such a help! This is an awesome resource that really is coming in handy.

    Anyways, I've got a leaking head gasket. Nothing major, but oil is coming out. I know this is a common problem, but I'd like to fix it - if possible. I've read that you can still ride with this issue, but its advised not to.

    The leaking gasket is coming from the right side of the engine. Take a look at the first photo. The second photo is from a small hole on the left side of the engine, however it is not leaking.

    Before I go about replacing the gasket, I want to explore other options. I've read about re-torquing the engine and want to know more about this. I've tried researching it and can't seem to find a clear 'how-to' on this. I've tried searching on this site, but for some reason I get an error with the search function. I want to know if this is really a viable option for this leak.

    Really just curious as to my options with this.

    Thanks all!

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    retorquing may slow the leak but it will come back, only sure fix is to replace the gasket. The best head gasket is the oem head gasket for stock engine, they are a soft graphite gasket. Many aftermarket gaskets are harder and dont seal as well and you will end up with an oil seep again.

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