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    Post MAC Performance is looking for your Motor Cycle

    Hello Forum Members,

    My name is Manny Garcia, i am writing you from MAC Products in Temecula CA. We supply Motor Cycle Exhaust systems to Cycle X, Dennis Kirk and many other Dealers through out the US and world. I am writing today because we are in need of a Honda CB750 1979-1982 for few new products that we need to Proto Type (New Exhaust Systems). I am writing to see if any forum members are located in the Southern Calif. area. If you are and you are willing to let us use your Motor Cycle, you will in turn be the first with the new exhaust system. We will need your motor cycle for a few days (3-5 Business Days) to wrap up all the proto typing and we will install the system once the part(s) goes into production at no charge. We have been manufacturing motor cycle exhaust systems for over 40 years now. You can find our Tri-Y's, our TT Drag Pipes, our Side Winder Drag System, the Standard 4 into 1's and 4 into 2's and a few others of different makes and models on many Dealers Sites. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 1-800-367-4486. You can also reach me at

    Thank you for your time on this manner

    Manny Garcia
    MAC Products Inc
    43214 Blackdeer Loop #114
    Temecula, CA 92590

    Attached Below is just 2 of over 1000 products that we offer in our Motor Cycle Line.
    The 1st is the Honda CB750 Tri-Y, 4 to 2 to 1 Head Pipe Only
    The 2nd is the Honda CB500/550 TT Drag Pipes
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 991-0104HP.GIF   201-0606.JPG  

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    What a great opportunity for someone in the area!
    - Travis

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    Just "1" of the MAC New Exhaust Exhaust Systems


    As you have read from the earlier post, MAC was looking for a CB750 to do some R&D for a few New Exhaust Systems. And here is a teaser of what is to come. This is our 4 into 1 Side Winder with a Reverse Cone Megaphone Muffler. Here is some info on the Side Winder Exhaust System. Our Side Winder Head Pipe has been on the market for some time and offered through some of our Dealers, but the New is the MAC Reverse Cone Muffler!

    The MAC Side Winder Exhaust System (Part #901-1401 shown) is an all Chrome Head Pipe with 1" Primaries and a 2" Collector & the New MAC Reverse Cone Megaphone Muffler as seen in the Pictures. The all New Reverse Megaphone Muffler can be ordered with or without a Performance Baffle.

    The original SideWinder Exhaust was introduced by Legendary Drag Bike Racer, Russ Collins and over the years has been modified to many different applications. The SideWinder Exhaust was made to gain crucial ground clearance by bringing the exhaust out on the side of the frame so in turn the bike could be lowered to make it more stable when racing. Over time the exhaust has gone through several variations such as primary length, collector size and muffler style. MAC has over 45 years of exhaust experience and we have brought back our Side Winder Exhaust System complete with a new designed muffler. The system comes with 1.5" primaries and 2.25" collector, the muffler is a Straight Through Reverse Megaphone Muffler. This is a great system if you are looking to get down and dirty at the strip!

    The MAC Side Winder Exhaust System will be available In All Chrome (as shown), Black Head Pipe with Chrome Muffler & All Black. If you have any questions on the this exhaust system please feel free to let us know.

    We will also be offering our Tri-Y Exhaust system with the Reverse Cone as well as our Standard 4 into 1's. We will keep you posted on parts coming! Thank you and ride safe.

    Click image for larger version. 

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