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    Regulator rectifier combo help

    Bought this:

    Can't seem to get it wired properly. I have 5 wires coming from motor 3 yellow, one green, and one white. I know the three yellows get tied together with the three yellows on the combo unit. Pretty sure the two greens get tied together as well and are a ground. The combo unit has 5 wires(3 yellow, green, and red) that had a connector, and 2 separate wires black and white respectively. I have a 74 motor. I put the bike together from a pile of parts and a harness or electrical parts were not in that pile. Bike runs well but would be nice to charge battery while ridding...

    Long story short if some one could tell me that the white wire goes to +, the black goes to a switched + green goes to frame ground, red wire from reg/rec goes to white wire coming from motor ect... It would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to lose my S#%&!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	reg_rect_diagram.jpg 
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    Found this on another site ,not sure if it helps?

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