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    Solenoid switch to starter cable?

    hoping all are well and not flooded out or under hurricanes and riding.
    I'm very sorry for those of us that might have been affected recently by
    our crazy climate. It's sad to see the devastation some of our comrades may
    have gone through. I'm lucky I guess, we are just running out of water when others have too much.

    I have what could be a silly question but thought I would ask anyway.
    Any reason why the switch to start cable can't be a large gauge single copper wire?
    My reasoning is.......I moved the electrics for my new project so the old cable
    is too short. Also I was thinking of drilling the frame and fishing the insulated wire through so it miraculously appears
    next to the starter for a cleaner look. Can anyone with more electrical knowledge than me
    think of possible issues?

    thanks in advance, have a very good one.

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    The problem with solid wire is vibration causes it to work harden and brake because it is not flexible. It would work for a while but eventually it will break normally by connections or sharp bends. Normally stranded wire is cheaper and easier to come by than solid strand because you will have to get a fairly large wire gage for the starter.

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    Thanks dirtdigger, I will keep that under consideration.
    I guess if it's easy enough to replace when it breaks I could live with it.
    My solenoid is now towards the rear of the bike and getting a switch to start cable
    3 to 4 feet is pretty expensive.

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