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    Hard clutch not engaging friction plates

    I've changed my friction plates, springs, etc. This is the second time I've done this, but for some reason, my clutch cable is hard to the pull. It feels like when I pull the clutch, the clutch cover doesn't put enough pressure on the lifter plate to allow the springs to do its job. Any ideas where I'm going wrong on the adjustments? Or might it be that I need to replace the clutch cover? Any and all ideas are welcome. I'm stuck and feel I've tried everything. It's a Honda CB70 K6 (1976).

    Some background:
    Some months ago the clutch stopped engaging altogether. When I opened up clutch basket, two of the screws that hold the lifter plate together had unthreaded and the lifter plate was held together by only two screws. Lifter plate did not break, but I had a spare one so I replaced it anyway.

    thanks so much everyone,

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    Sounds like it didnt get assembled right or an incorrect clutch was installed. About the only way to try to help you out is to take the cover off and take some photos as you tear it back down so we can see what you have going on in there.

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