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    New guy introducing and question

    Hi guys I'm a proud owner of a 1970 SOHC CB750 engine that I have put onto a rigid frame. I am having problems though with the points and want to get rid of them. A friend of mine told me to get the dyna 2000 coils and wires kit. It's 400 bucks, all I can find are ones that are meant for 79-83. Are their any options for a 70 or am I able to just use that one and call it good?
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    Lot's of options
    There's the Pamco: or
    Daytona or DYNA:
    cycle x has some ignition systems:

    Lots of options. I have the Pamco on my 75 cb750.
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    I have the CycleX system and really like it. It revs up super fast. Downside was the instructions could have been better.

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    I run the basic Dyna setup on all of my motors not the Dyna 200. No issues. The Dyna 200 is programmable and is unnecessary for a street bike. The basic setup just takes the place of the point plate along with new coils. Good thing about them is most motorcycle parts places and aftermarket places have parts for the Dyna where the Pamco and Cycle X setup are not carried everywhere. If money is no object go with the Cycle X setup.

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