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    New Bobber Needs Help! Honda CB650

    Hi there all,
    This is my first post here so please bear with me and I am relatively new to the MC world. Thank you for your patience in advance!

    I am in the midst of buying a '81 Honda CB650. The bike has been bobbed already aesthetically very tastefully. Now for the meat and potatoes..

    - The seller states that the bike will need to be "tuned" by a mechanic. Does that mean Dyno or .. ?

    - The bike needs to be wired up for lights and speedometer and tachometer (included with purchase of bike). Is there a manual to help me out with this on here? How difficult is it to do?

    - The bike also unfortunately does not have Front Brakes. Now I know some bobbers don't have this.. But I'd like to. I was wondering if anyone knows the price on an entire front brake assembly and what do they recommend and the difficulty it is to install.

    Finally.. This bobber does not have a rear fender at all. I'd like to add a "half" chopped one that would possibly fit and support a small passenger pillion. Does anyone have an idea on what to use and how to mount. Most weight Id put on there is maybe 120lbs

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    - That it needs "tuning by a mechanic" could indicate you got pod filters on them carbs. And that won't fly very good. If you have the stock air filter box on it, you could just use the factory setup, if you got stock carbs and pipes that is. A picture would help here.
    - Manual on wiring your light/tach/speedo depends on whether they're OEM Honda parts for your model and if you got a stock wiring harness. If not - there's no complete manual on this.
    - No front brake - no problem. That will only slow you down anyways. Lol. You got stock lower fork legs with all the mounts still there? And do you have a stock front wheel? Again, a picture or two here would help identifying what you need.
    Some front fenders make for small and nicely shaped rear fenders. Go on eBay-safari or visit your closest motorcycle scrap yard. google "rear fender struts" and you'll see what you need to make it support your gal.
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    Hey there Stabler, very awesome Amen you got there....

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