Hello everyone, my user name is magnamatters. I own a 1982 CB900C that I am bringing back to life as the compression is low on all cylinders (about 90-100 lbs.) Some dirt fell into my crankcase when removing the cylinders on my 1982 CB900C so I split my first crankcase. I was pleased to learn that it wasnít as complicated as I thought. I did a scrupulous cleaning to the case halves with degreaser and a pressure washer, cleaned the gears and components with clean solvent, and replaced all of the seals with new. I am using an assembly lube to handle the lubrication until the oil pump fills the passages, however, I am a little uncomfortable assembling it as the Honda service manual doesnít give a step by step procedure and I really donít wish to leave something out, then have to open it up again. The manual didn't mention the nozzle that squirts oil on the primary chain, it just fell out and I found it in the parts diagram to learn where it went. What else didn't the manual mention? I did bag the parts and label them as best I could for each section of the engine. Do you have any idea if there is someone who has outlined and maybe photographed the procedure step by step and made it available to the public? Glad to be a member and thank you in advance for any help.