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    Pulling the carbs off anything repeatedly gets old pretty quick. I've got to recommend that you start using - all year in your case - STA-BILģ Fuel Stabilizer. The red stuff in a bottle at Walmart. Keep the max allowable in your gas tank after every fill up. Don't need to carry it with you, just add it to the tank after you get home from filling it up. Use this, and the garbage that they put in todays gasoline won't turn to stone in your carbs. The Bike will run. Best of Luck to You with that CB750....

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    My brother bought an ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight for $75. It is about 12" long, 6" wide, and 6" deep. It has a dip basket and clear lid and heat. The heater works really well, and we were stunned how well the whole unit works, especially for the price. My disassembled carburetors came out pretty much just like the pictures in Pawl's post. We just fill it with distilled water and use 6 ounces of Mean Green. It only took 15 minutes to clean my carburetors perfectly, although they weren't quite as dirty as the ones in the pictures from Pawl's post.
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