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    Question Rear wheel/ tire help requested!

    I ordered the Dunlop K70s for my '73 CB750k and everything pointed to them being fine. The front wheel went on great, the rear? I can pass the rim right through the tire. The tires are 18" , the rim measures 18" (at the outermost point, not where the bead sits) but the tire I took off it was a 13/70 - 17. Is it possible that the previous owner put a different rim on? the spokes and hardware all match the front so I never even imagined it might not be the original rear wheel.

    Am I missing anything? has anyone ever run into this? I'm just trying to find answers before I go through the pain of returning the tires and ordering new ones.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like someone replaced that rear wheel. I believe later models had smaller rear rims that were a direct swap, probably what happened to yours. I just put a 18" K70 on a 18" rear wheel on my K5 and it fit just fine.
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    There are a few different rim sizes out there.
    My 73 for example has a 16" rim in the rear. It was a popular conversion back in the 70s

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    thanks for the input, i think i'm on the right track now, good learning experience!

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