Users of the Classifieds must follow these 10 rules:

1) cannot be held responsible for losses resulting in use of these classifieds. BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK! As when buying anything online, use good judgment and caution.

2) No bitching about prices. If you think someone is asking too much for something, don't buy it. If you need to comment about a price that is too high, PM the seller and be polite.

3) Be respectful of other buyers and sellers. Donít hijack threads. If you have something to sell exactly like what someone else listed, start your own thread. Keep discussions related to the items in the listing.

4) Only motorcycle related items are allowed.

5) All For Sale ads must have a price for each item! Ads without prices for everything must be listed as "Make Offer". This includes links to eBay items unless a buy now price is available and posted in the ad.

6) Titles must use a prefix (For Sale, Make Offer, Trade, or Wanted) and must be descriptive! Example: "For Sale Ė 1978 CB750 gas tank, good condition, black with fuel cap and key"

7) Since this is an international forum, include your location or the areas you are willing to ship to in your ad. Also make sure your location is filled out in your profile.

8) You can only bump your post to the top once every 24 hours.

9) Once an item is sold, traded, or no longer wanted, do not bump the thread to the top by posting "sold" or "found" in a new post. Edit your original post to clearly indicate the item or items that are no longer available or that you found the item you wanted.

10) Everyone loves pictures. While pictures are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged for items for sale or trade. Post a picture!