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    Compatible Front ends for 78k

    Just wondering what front ends are compatible with a 78 cb750k? I am looking to purchase a front end off a 79 cb750f that has dual disk brakes in the front. However, I am not really fond of the wheels on the supersports and would rather use the wheel that is on my bike. Does anyone know whether or not these wheels are interchangeable? I'm thinking probably not but who knows. I also am contemplating with just going with a gl1000 front end. Does anyone have experience with this here? I heard they are compatible and a nice upgrade for the cb's. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    if you can find a early gl that has spoked wheels it should match yours . 79 should bolt up but i am not sure about the wheel interchangeability. a gl is a decent upgrade,,and is a bit wider than a stock 750 front end. i dunno when they began with the comstar wheels. some front ends are probably intechangeable but if not almost any front end can interchange,just by swapping the neck stems from your stock one to the other.
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