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  1. Will 1979-82 750F Exhaust bolt up to 1979 750K?

    I have a need for a stock exhaust for my original 1979 750LTD. I've looked on eBay and have only run across a NOS set of pipes and mufflers for a 1979 750F, my question is will it bolt up? I think...
  2. 1979 CB750Ltd need an OEM four into four exhaust, where can I find?

    I am the original owner of a 1979 CB750 Ltd (10th anniversary model) that's been stored most of its life...It has only 2037 miles on it. Overall its in tremendous shape, but I need to locate an...
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    OEM exhausts for 1979 750 LTD

    Looking for stock exhaust system (four into four) for my one owner (2037 miles) 79 750 Ltd
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