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    The CB750.com decals are available now! Grab a couple for your bike, refrigerator, tool box, or car and help support CB750.com! These are quality vinyl cut decals that measure 1.187" tall by 4.72" wide. The picture below is of an actual decal applied to a black surface.

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    CB750.com Decal

    $6 for the first decal and $4 for each additional decal.

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    16"X20" CB750 Engine Metallic Print - Daniel Peirce

    Full Print
    Daniel Peirce CB750 Photo
    Signed Print
    Daniel Peirce CB750 Photo

    16"X20" museum-quality unframed metallic print from the UNS Engine Project by Daniel Peirce of Trick Photography.

    This picture is from Daniel Peirce's popular Up-N-Smoke Engine Project, and featured in his book, "The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine" (Veloce Publishing, UK). Prints from this series are enjoyed by motorsports collectors all over the world. This print is exclusively sold through CB750.com with the caption "CB750". The same print is available elsewhere with the caption "SANDCAST CB750".

    What’s behind the price? This print is not mass-produced; it is printed-on-demand. Metallic printing is not a cheap reproduction process, but it produces a significantly superior product. The print will be personally signed and dated with an authenticating emboss. All this makes an exclusive and highly collectable print.

    This CB750 print is perfect for office, business or your higher-class garages. This is also the perfect gift for the Honda fanatic or any vintage motorbike enthusiast.

    What is a Metallic Print? An Endura Metallic print is a unique imaging paper from Eastman Kodak. Photographically printed, the subtle metallic surface produces a depth and color richness unmatched by any other process. A distinct 3D effect is discernible in many of the images. Giclee printing is nice, but for engine pictures, Metallic is the only way to go. Additionally, print longevity is an impressive 100 years. Metallic prints will not disappoint.

    All orders will be shipped in protective packaging.

    Please Note:  Web image compression and monitor quality may effect how the example picture appears on this page.  Be assured that this photograph is sharp, rich and well-crafted.  Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the print.

    These are printed on-demand. Prints typically ship within 7 days.

    $69 each

    $8 shipping to the U.S. and $16 worldwide.

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