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  • Stabler's Amen Savior CB750

    Check out Johnny's (Stabler) 1971 Amen Savior CB750 build! It turned out great! He bought the frame on Ebay in 2009 and had it delivered in early 2010. The project took about three years to complete. He started by getting a CB750K5 motor with the later '77-'78 carbs and a MAC exhaust. He had the handlebars custom made to his specifications out of stainless tubing. Stabler made a stainless steel bracket to mount the NOS (New Old Stock) Sears auxiliary lights and he also made the sissy bar from stainless round bar. The bike has a Harley Narrow Glide front end with a 21" wheel up front and an 18" wheel in the rear. The seat is an old C&G that Stabler reupholstered himself. The tank is an old '70s GME and the rear fender is a simple bobbed flat fender. The paint job was done by Mats Kroon.

    See the build from start to finish.

    Click to enlarge:

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