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  • Check Out This Electric Race Bike!

    Check out this electric race bike!

    Owner Ed Fargo had this to say about the bike:

    It started life as a 1979 CB750F sitting in the back room of a motorcycle salvage yard. It needed a better life. The motor was frozen, but it had good bones. The glass is from Airtech Streamlining (supposedly from the original Honda racing molds). The ride is period correct with the exception of the motor. I have raced and rebuilt many vintage bikes and this one can be seen running at Road Atlanta in April and September, 2013 in the Historic Moto Gran Prix (the only electric).

    • 160 LifePo4 Lipo batteries
    • 106 Volts DC
    • 80HP Brushed DC motor
    • 1000 amps (yes really)
    • 100% torque at zero RPM
    • No Transmission

    Originally 540 Lbs, now 380 Lbs.

    Love it or hate it, it is a FUN ride.


    Thanks for sharing Ed! It's a beautiful bike. Read more about the bike in Ed's thread Old Racer, New member running vintage series.

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