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    If I find low compression would replacing the cylinder or piston rings?

    Spark Plug Fouling

    MIMRAY Today, 02:27 PM Go to last post

    any other members out there in Alaska?


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    yea my cb 7 has the single exhaust and it is cracked rotted what not I bought it from an auction and the numbers match frame and engine so with a little


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    Adjust all screws to 2 turns and not that if done. Pilots are only for idle and have nothing to do with riding around above that.

    Plug will

    Spark Plug Fouling

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    1980 Honda CB750C

    Spark Plug Fouling

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    Noticed my 3rd cylinder wasn’t firing, pulled the plug and was pretty dirty. Definitely running too rich. Put in a new plug and fired instantly, drove

    Spark Plug Fouling

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