750 drag bike build

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  1. Chamber opened up to 72mm...almost a full hemi chamber.
  2. Needed to do some modifications to the MTC pistons.
  3. checking piston to head cleanrance
  4. painted and mostly wired.
  5. stock piston in 72mm bore  lol
  6. stock 750 piston left  72mm MTC on the right
  7. Fresh from Cycle X.  Bored, sleeved and bored for 72mm.  Finished for MLS gaskets
  8. Lightened and balanced crank from Cycle X.  Heavy duty Cycle X primary chains.  Heavy duty cam chain. 
Undercut tranny gears from Cycle X
  9. Bottom end going together
  10. Parts rolling in.  Ape cylinder studs, Hard welded rocker arms.  Adjustable cam sprocket(funny...bought from Cycle X  but stamped APE)
  11. This is the "RC" motor.  RC crank, RC undercut tranny.  Will have the RC head.
  12. material removed during port job.
  13. Cycle X crank assembled with Carrillo rods.  Ready to go in.
  14. Finished top case
  15. Boring out the top cases for the big sleeves.
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