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07-19-2013, 10:01 AM
The Stinkster
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  1. Stinky
    This is my Project Bike. 1980 CB750K. Started out as a basket case but after a ground up overhaul and restoration it is on it's way to the record book. Personal best time was 131 mph set at the Texas Mile in March of 2013. We did 121 at Bonneville last year. Now that I have the NOS working we are looking for speeds upward of 150. We will find out on August 25th at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville Utah. Visit us on Facebook. "Old and Slow Racing Team- Worlds Fastest KLR"
  2. Stinky
    Travis, Thanks for the honor of posting my beloved Stinkster on the main page of the forum.
    We have now discovered what was giving us so much grief last year at Bonneville...Rev limiter!
    I went through the entire NOS System and found it to work just fine at lower RPM. I ran the bike at 121 without NOS this year and it gave me similar problems in 5th gear through the mile. I downsized the rear sprocket a couple of teeth (42 to a 40) while on the salt and was able to top 124 and the NOS worked until about half way through the measured mile. I was almost ready to make another run when a storm moved in and we decided to get off the salt. The storm flooded the salt and the 2013 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials was called due to almost a foot of water. We will try again next year. Anyone know of an aftermarket ignition box for a 1980 CB750K DOHC?
  3. Wayfastwil
    Well A Dyna 2000 work?
  4. Stinky
    Wayfastwil, That is what I ended up using. So Far so Good!
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